Superbrands Seal of Approval

Saint James Hospital Group is proud to announce that it has received the “Superbrands Seal of Approval” and finds itself in the company of prominent Maltese and International establishments.

Superbrands SB_Seal_2013-2014Superbrands is a unique programme leader in the world present in 90 countries. They promote brands as a whole, upgrading their value and the value of a country towards the global village, tourists and personalities. This outstanding programme promotes business leaders in their particular sector. Superbrands Malta is dedicated to the men and women who build and protect the greatest brand assets in Malta. Superbrands is the world’s largest independent arbiter of branding. It identifies and pays tribute to exceptional brands by recognising, rewarding and reinforcing leading brands from all over the world.                    

The organisation runs the Superbrands award schemes and promotional programmes, each with a brand focused publication at its core. A Superbrand status strengthens a brand’s position, adds prestige and sets the brand apart from its competitors.

Over 90 Participating Countries

Superbrands has launched programmes in over 90 countries including all the key global markets. These programmes aim to identify those brands that are performing above and beyond others within the market. At the heart of each programme is an independent and voluntary council of leading experts comprising individuals with a deep appreciation of the “brandscape” in the country being examined.  The council comprises luminaries from the marketing and communication industries plus notable figures from local and international blue chip companies and media organisations. Only those brands highly rated by the council are invited to join the Superbrands project. Each country has its own local panel to ensure that only the most deserving of brands attain the credential and feature in the project.