Physiotherapy Unit


Now also in Zabbar

The Saint James Hospital Physiotherapy Unit run by Planet Phsyio has now expanded to the Zabbar branch, in addition to the already existent physiotherapy services. The aim of this unit is to provide a unique service that combines targeted assessment, diagnosis and treatment for clients who are experiencing pain or body dysfunction.

During the assessment phase we take the total body approach because we understand that pain and injury often affects the whole body and that simply treating the pain does not ensure your return to good health. We therefore combine a number of treatment philosophies that include electrotherapy , myo-fascial releases, manual therapy and kinesio taping. Also integral to our problem management is postural re-education and exercise rehabilitation that are carried out with the aim of really changing and improving the way your body moves and feels.

The physiotherapy team working in this unit in Zabbar are highly experienced and qualified in manual therapy techniques, sports physiotherapy, muscle re-education and exercise rehabilitation. They are committed to their professional development to ensure that our team as a whole remains at the forefront of our field. All our physiotherapists are also involved in clinical research and are members of the MAP (Malta Association of Physiotherapists).


The Physiotherapy Unit in Saint James Sliema run by Planet Physio

This unit consists of purposely designed treatment rooms catering for both in and out patients, backed by a well-equipped rehabilitation gymnasium and a multi-purpose fitness room. All essential physiotherapy treatment modalities, such as electrotherapy, exercise therapy, manipulative therapy and acupuncture, are available.

Daily clinics are held by various specialised physiotherapists.

Physiotherapy plays a major role in many treatments provided. After initial assessment and evaluation of injuries, a customised rehabilitation programme is designed with the ultimate aim of helping the patient regain his/her full fitness condition.

Seeking advice at an early stage affects the efficacy of a patient’s complete satisfactory recovery.

A qualified acupuncturist is also available within this unit. All patients receive the following: comprehensive assessment, effective treatment, advice, continual support through home exercise programmes.

Cardiac rehabilitation programmes are offered, as well as physiotherapy for medical, respiratory and neurological conditions.

A sports injury clinic has been set up recently. Patients may either be assessed by a medical doctor specialised in sports medicine or they may undergo physiotherapy treatment for the sports-related injury. Our team of experts offers a sports health check, mainly to sportsmen/women, thereby analysing their current level of fitness with a view to avoiding injury and to improving their performance level.