Maternity Unit

The Saint James Hospital Group are proud to be one of a few select private hospitals within Europe to offer a choice of epidural, dry births, water births and caesarean section births. Our main aim is to cater for the individual needs of each Mother and ensure a professional, friendly, hygienic and comfortable environment during such a memorable experience in a woman’s life. 

Both Male and Female gynaecologists offer consultation’s at our Hospitals and Clinics where antenatal visits as well as ultrasounds are performed. Our Hospital Maternity Unit is equipped with a specially-designed water birthing pool*, two birthing rooms equipped with foetal monitors and resuscitators as well as dedicated maternity theatres. Ultrasounds, monitoring and laboratory investigations are also available in this especially dedicated wing.

Ultrasound specialists offer 4D Ultrasounds which can be carried out between the 27th and 29th week of pregnancy.  Nuchal Translucency Scans are also available and can be performed as from the 12th week of pregnancy – these are done to detect possible foetal abnormalities.

Full ante-natal care and parent craft talks are offered on an individual basis, together with midwifery care and breast feeding counselling and support. We also offer complimentary birthing aromatherapy – this has many benefits and is available before, during or after birth. Our fully qualified midwife will be happy to explain this therapy method during the consultation stage, to any mothers- to-be who may be interested.

A warm and peaceful nursery with incubator and phototherapy light equipment is found in close proximity of all maternity private rooms.

We usually recommend a 2 night stay for normal vaginal births whereas a 3 night stay is recommended for mothers who have undergone a caesarean section birth – however each delivery is assessed on an individual basis. Two postnatal home visits by our team of midwives are also included in the birth package. Free accommodation for the accompanying partner is available and all children are more than welcome to come visit their family members.

If you are interested in knowing more about our Maternity Unit or would like to book a consultation, please phone on 2329 1000.


*Water Births take place at Saint James Hospital in Zabbar .