Health Screening Unit

Prevention is better than cure. The outpatient department offers various tailor-made health screening packages designed to provide an overall comprehensive health check, to detect potential problems, and suggest changes in lifestyle which may reduce the risk of serious illness. Included in this health screening is the completion of a detailed questionnaire, a medical examination by a doctor or consultant and a wide range of tests (depending on the choice of package, age group and other factors).  A full written confidential report by the screening doctor, after having reviewed all the results, is given to the patient.

The report will include details of consultation and test results together with recommendations for personal well-being and advice on lifestyle to help improve health and reduce risk of illness.

Some of the tests that may be included in these tailor-made packages:

Blood pressure test
Blood tests (most common: cell count, lipids, glucose, urine, liver function, thyroid function)
Resting ECG
Exercise ECG
Height & weight
Vision test
Audiometry test
Physical examination
Medical history consultation



Chest X-Ray

Heart/Lung Scan




 Testicular Screening



Cervical smear

Mammography and Bonedensitometry