Patient Information

Many times the whole concept of coming into hospital for a consultation or treatment may seem daunting to us, however, if we want to be on top of our health, it must be done.

Below are steps meant to guide you about the whole process of seeing a specialist or undergoing a treatment;

1. If you would like to book a consultation with a specialist or need to discuss surgeries or treatments, you may contact Saint James Hospital directly on (+356) 2329 1000. Alternatively, a GP might recommend you to see one of our specialists, in which case he/she will provide you with a referral letter and you can then proceed to making an appointment with the required consultant.

2. You will then attend the out-patient appointment with the consultant. Relevant tests are carried out at the same time or booked for a later date.

3. Once you know what kind of treatment you will need, you may need to contact your insurer to check whether the tests or treatment is covered and to obtain an authorisation reference.

4. When all your relevant tests have been done, the consultant will inform you if you will require any further treatment or not. If so, an appointment for your in-patient or day-case treatment will be booked. The consultant will also write a note to your GP to inform him/her of the outcome of the consultation.

5. When the day of your procedure or day case arrives, you will be admitted upon arrival and will be well taken care of by our medical staff as well as by your consultant. When your surgery is complete, you will be given plenty of after care and time to recover.

6. At this point, your insurer will need to settle your hospital and consultant bills, informing you if there are any shortfalls which need to be discussed.

7. If you have any outstanding balances that perhaps the insurance might not cover, we kindly ask that you settle these directly with the hospital upon discharge.

8. When you are discharged from hospital, your consultant will advise you on how to take care of yourself once you get home. The consultant will also discuss how long you should rest before returning to work and exercising. A follow up appointment will also be scheduled.

9. At your follow up appointment, your consultant will ask about your progress, any pain or discomfort you may be experiencing and check your wounds to see if they are healing well. The consultant may request another follow up or perhaps tell you that there is no need to come in once again.

10. Although this is the end of your treatment, we are still here to help, should you experience any medical problems or have any queries regarding your recovery, please get in touch and we will do our utmost to help you.

Patients who will be paying for their own treatment, and not using an insurance company, are kindly asked to settle their bill before their procedure takes place. A customer service adviser will you provide you with a price guide for your required treatment and once this is agreed upon, your required private day-case or in-patient surgery may take place.