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Medical Tourism

Saint James Hospital Group is renowned for its outstanding medical service in the Maltese private health sector. We believe that our customers must find a guaranteed, safe and reliable host when their health is at stake. Therefore, we are committed to offering a service which accommodates our clients in all respects, including an excellent service that is delivered according to international standards. We offer complete medical packages in state-of-the-art hospitals and facilities, accompanied by internationally qualified Surgeons who have extensive experience in a wide range of medical fields. Upon receiving your enquiry, we will contact you and answer any queries you may have on both medical and non-medical aspects of your enquiry.

Step-by-Step Customer Care

Every client has specific requirements which we address in a unique and specialised way.  We therefore take great care to ensure that we assess and re-assess your needs rigorously throughout the cycle of your medical procedure and care and keep you informed every step of the way. For peace of mind, we assign a key member of our hospital team as your personal contact.

1.    Your Enquiry

Once you contact us by email or telephone, rest assure that your enquiry is being handled by fully trained and experienced members of staff.   Our customer care representatives will follow up your enquiry with a reply in the shortest possible time frame, to insure you have all the information you need.  Customer care will then open a file documenting the nature of your enquiry and any other relevant, initial medical details, which we pass on to our team of doctors.

2.    Follow Up

Your enquiry is reviewed throughly and followed up with a proposal specifying the surgical treatment or intervention you require.  Our feedback includes details of the most suitable intervention you might need, together with information on the type of pre-operative tests required and advice on the basic investigations and examinations that you may need to undergo while still in your home country. We suggest suitable dates for your treatment, and advise on the recommended length of your hospital stay and recovery period, as well as accommodation options and any follow-up treatment you may require or can expect.

3.    Surgeon Consultation

As soon as you give us the go-ahead on our proposals, we assign you a surgeon specialised in performing the specific operation you require. We present the surgeon’s CV and once you’re happy with the chosen surgeon, we may ask you to send over medical notes and/or photos which are relevant to the specific intervention.  These are passed on confidentially to the surgeon who assesses them and prepares for the operation by giving you direct feedback, often over the phone.

4.    Booking & Confirmation

Once you are completely satisfied with the surgeon’s feedback and the choice of clinic or hospital, we proceed to book the operation.  We then finalise dates and the quotation for the intervention you will be undergoing. 

5.    Welcome at Airport

Since you are travelling abroad, we would like to ensure that you feel as safe and comfortable as possible on arrival in Malta.   We will be happy to book a professional taxi service to be waiting for you upon your arrival at the airport.

6.    Introduction to your medical team

Your appointment will usually be within a day of your arrival. The staff will go through the pre-ops required and introduce you to your surgeon for your consulation.  During this consultation, your surgeon will give you a final assessment, go over the medical procedure in detail and discuss any further questions related to the operation.

7.    Your Operation

On the day of the operation, our aim is to ensure you have complete peace of mind before entering the operating theatre. At this stage, we will reassure that you have had all medical and non-medical procedures clearly explained to you. You will also be introduced to the nurse assigned to look after you when the operation is over.

8.    Follow Up treatment and Visits

At Saint James Hospital, we believe that to ensure the best medical outcome, the recovery period is as important as the operation itself.  We therefore ensure rigorous follow up treatment both by the nurses and doctors and also by the physiotherapists and carers who will visit you daily while you are admitted. Once you are ready to be discharged, you will be given a follow up appointment in which the surgeon can asses your progress and recovery.

9.    Leaving the Hospital

Once you are discharged from hospital, communication with us and your medical team will definitely continue. We will be in contact to check on your progress and recovery. Wherever you chose to stay, you will find you have minimal relocation given Malta’s compact size.

10.    Follow Up and Assessment

Once you are home, we will be in touch to ensure you are satisfied with the results of your surgery abroad. We will ask you to provide us, if you wish to do so, with feedback on the level of our service.  This is to ensure that you are happy with the outcome and that we can in turn fine tune our service for future patients.

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