Emergency Rooms


The Saint James Hospital Group runs Immediate Medical Care Units (IMCU) both within Saint James (Capua) Hospital in Sliema (open 24 hours) and within Saint James Hospital in Zabbar.

These Emergency Rooms provide emergency first aid, medical assessment and treatment for a wide range of accidents and emergency medical conditions. The units are staffed by motivated, dedicated and compassionate teams composed of doctors, nurses, emergency medical technicians and ambulance drivers.


Some examples of the services we provide:

* GP Services                                      * X-Rays

* Dressing and Bandaging              * Catheterisation

* ECG                                                    * Injection

* Ear Syringing                                     * Nebulisation

* Suturing

We also offer an ambulance service through which we can transport the patient to/from hospital for both urgent and routine cases.

Our vehicles are fully equipped and our staff has advanced training to cope with the different emergencies they might face.


Patient Assessment

Patients who are in immediate need of being medically visited do not need a previous appointment or referral. We strive to ensure minimal waiting times and prioritise the most urgent cases by assessing each patient immediately upon arrival.

Should your situation require urgent surgery or admission we offer to transfer you into one of our private rooms for definitive care.

The Emergency Rooms are housed within two Hospitals that are fully equipped to provide more detailed investigations in the form of digital radiological examinations – including CT Scanning, ultrasound, x-ray examinations, MRI (in Zabbar) and PET CT Scanning (in Sliema), specialist consultations and emergency admissions. Visiting patients will have complete access to the Group’s extensive medical facilities and services if their condition so requires.

Sliema Emergency Room direct number: (+356) 2329 1112(+356) 2329 1112

Direct Email: ambulance@stjameshospital.com